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Concentration: The Classic Memory Game

Rich Tasks May Require Memory Support

Can you match Chinese numbers with their respective domino? We will tell you the value of each Chinese character. You will need to remember which character represents which number, and recall the location of cards on the concentration board. Ready? It just takes a few minutes!

Our students sometimes forget the instructions we give them. Maybe you or your loved ones have forgotten a thing or two as well! We need to evaluate: Is my student struggling with the math, or has he or she simply forgotten the instructions for this multi-step problem?

Our PDF includes game cards, instructions for online games, and strategies for supporting memory functions in the classroom.

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Is It Memory or Is It Math?

This video tells a powerful story

We focus on one student who appears to struggle during a rich task on measurement. He seems to be lost or overwhelmed during a hands-on group task that has other students actively engaged. The teacher focuses on this student, and she reveals valuable information about the student’s memory functions and mathematical comprehension in this brief video.

Inquire About Grant-Funded Professional Development

Math for All is a professional development program that brings general and special education teachers together to enhance their skills in planning and adapting mathematics lessons to ensure that all students achieve high-quality learning outcomes in mathematics.

Our Newsletter Provides Useful Tips on Classroom Practice
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