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Applications are open for schools serving grades 3–8 to join our project and receive free, grant-supported professional development for two years starting in the fall of 2024. Working with Math For All demands commitment and dedication to quality, rewarded with excellent results for students and teachers alike.


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Your Math Program,
Better Results

Use your own standards-aligned program. We will help your school team build local capacity and increase the support that students are receiving during math class.

Your Teachers,
Better Prepared

General and special education teachers work in collaborative teams. They learn to use a neurodevelopmental theory of learning to analyze the strengths and challenges of specific students and apply strategies that benefit the whole class.

Your Students,
Higher Scores

Our process, when fully implemented, improves student learning outcomes and elevates math scores for all students, including those with disabilities.

Here's What Principals Are Saying

I approached the teachers and told them that I was applying for this grant and just told them about the possibilities. I just explained that we are going to take what we already do and make it better. And yes, it may mean a little bit more in the forefront with lesson planning, but the amount of time saved after the lesson planning and during the lesson, because the students are grasping it quicker, it was a no brainer. The teachers didn't hesitate to give it a try.

–  Principal, K-4 school

Math for All was focused on training teachers, educators, on using the best strategies to reach all the students, not just the tier one level, but all the students and find ways to get them involved. My school has a high percentage of English learners, so we felt that the focus of this program was also supporting those teachers as they tried to integrate these students in the mathematics learning.

–  Principal, K-5 school

It's not just a sit and get. The program offers coaching, it offers ongoing support, and it's not just a program that's going to tell you this is what you do and these are the materials you need to do it with and set you free. It's going to offer you some professional learning opportunities where you can have them model and have them show and allow you an opportunity to do it with them.

– Principal, PK-8 school

Does your school or district want to…

  • Increase mathematics achievement for students in grades 3–8?
  • Reduce the opportunity gaps between general and special education students?
  • Improve teachers’ ability to support students struggling in mathematics?
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Here's What Teachers Are Saying

I’m teaching third- and fourth-grade math. Math for All showed me that a lot of times something that I feel is a fairly simple thing that I’m teaching is really very complex for kids, and to really look at all of the different things that it takes to build that one concept. I think it just gave me a better appreciation for what we’re doing and how we do it, and gave me some ideas on how to do it better.

– 3rd/4th-grade math teacher

Math for All really opened a new door for me. I knew that certain students needed certain modifications, adaptations, and strategies, but with Math for All, there were these organizers that broke it down into subcategories like, “What do I expect of the task?” “Is it a learning issue and if it is, how would I have different strategies in place so that it can minimize distraction and maximize the student’s attention?

– 4th-grade general education teacher

When we meet now, we decide on a lesson and then from the get-go, we decide how we’re going to adapt it, not only for my students, but for their students as well—which, in the past, we really didn’t. I just made my own accommodations and they did their thing.

– 5th-grade special education teacher

When we did the higher order thinking skills, I did not really expect some of my students to be able to use them. But when we got into the lesson and we used some of the accommodations that they suggested, I found that, actually, they could do it.

– 5th-grade special education teacher

What will schools gain from participation?

  • Each school receives free materials and Math for All PD provided at no cost for two successive school years by local facilitators.
  • Each teacher receives 35 Continuing Professional Development Hours.
  • Each team receives opportunities and strategies for collaboration among general and special education teachers.
  • Teachers and students experience measurable impact. Visit our Results page for details.
Grant-Supported Professional Development
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