The Program

Math for All is a professional development program designed to assist schools in implementing high-quality, standards-based mathematics education for a wide range of students, including those with disabilities. The program helps schools build a foundation for collaboration among general and special education teachers as they work to implement student-centered approaches for rigorous mathematics instruction.

Adapted for the COVID Era

Babette Moeller, Principal Investigator, discusses how the switch to online instruction has led to successful wholesale changes in the delivery of Math For All.

Sustained Improvement in Elementary Mathematics

For All Students

  • Improve teachers’ ability to support all students, including those with special needs.
  • Reduce the opportunity gaps between general and special education students.
  • Increase mathematics achievement for all students in grades K–5.
Our Lesson Planning Cycle

Focus on Identified Students, Apply Strategies to All Students

  • Deepen teachers’ understanding of how to assess students’ strengths and needs.
  • Identify possible barriers to students’ engagement with mathematical learning experiences.
  • Implement a variety of teaching practices to build success for the whole classroom.
Building Local Capacity

Grant Funding Allows Our Team to Provide These Advantages

  • Train local facilitators (teacher leaders, coaches, staff developers) to implement the program.
  • Provide participant books, presenter slides, videos, and other resources for local replication of the program.
  • Provide ongoing training and support to school leaders to sustain the program with local staff.
Our Newsletter Provides Ideas for Making High-Quality Mathematics Instruction Accessible to All Students